Wednesday, January 2, 2013


This is a very exciting month for me.    The event that is taking up most of my time is Fiber Focus, a three part exhibition at the Palos Verdes Art Center in southern California.  It includes a solo exhibit of my art quilts on the topic of Fierce Winds; I have brought in a show of art cloth banners by the Art Cloth Network, 24 x 80, which was at Fiber Philadelphia last spring; and, with co-curator Inga Buell, have put together the first of the upcoming Confluence exhibits.  This last is the work of 5 textile/mixed media and print artists (Cindy McConnell, Carol Nilsen and Susan Willen in addition to Inga and myself)  and is a dynamite show on the topic of water.

Also of major importance is my installation, Jacob's Ladder, over 6' tall plus angels made in conjunction with the work of poet Naomi Guttman which is having its debut in Minneapolis as part of the Dream Weavings: Interpretations Through Collaboration exhibit.  I had to have a massive crate built just to transport it!  I'm very much hoping the show will tour as this is the most monumental single piece I have done and it would be fabulous if it could be seen by more viewers.

Lastly, Lava Flow II, my evocation of fire and the creation of land, will be at the newly named New Coast Studios in Palo Alto, in northern CA, as part of Transformation.  This is a very wide ranging mixed media show opening at the end of the month.   I'm excited to be part of their new beginnings and hope to develop a longer term relationship with this lovely gallery.

I have listed details in the column to the right and photos of much of my work in these shows is on this blog.


  1. The 6 foot angels sounds very exciting. I hope it travels. I would love to see this exhibit.

  2. The Ladder is 6' but the angels are only a few inches and are floating around in front of and beside the ladder. Hop on over to Minneapolis! That show is opening TODAY!!