Thursday, May 13, 2010

Slag Heap Series

I'm working on the next four pieces in this series. Cloth - Roses is an example of where I begin with dyeing and over-dyeing. I will try to post various stages in its development.

Jessica at the loom

Jessica, aged 10, has been working on the multi-colored rug on my big Glimakra floor loom for well over a year. We have decided that she will be done this summer! She's been tying rya knots. Next up, I'm going to teach her how to weave tapestry. She comes once/week and is a joy to have around with her creative imagination and story telling talents.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cabbage Leaf

I've been doing some joomchi (Korean mulberry paper felting) again lately as I've been invited to submit some work for consideration for a show in Korea (!). This is my favorite of the new pieces. It represents hours and hours of rubbing by hand. The previous piece I made I threw in the dryer three times just to avoid getting worse arthritis! It got all beat up so of course I stitched into it and made a collage. This one is a bit more delicate.