Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Big day at FiberFly Studios

I finished Chroma RED!   This is the fifth piece in my Chroma series (Yellow, Green, Blue and Orange are done, and I've already begun Purple);  Black/White/Silver and Earth Tones are the last two.  RED took me about four months.  Each piece is two yards long and about 42" wide so they are a lot to contend with.  But it's photographed and wrapped up in the storage shed.  YIPPEE!  I'm hoping for a show of the series in early 2015.

New iPhone APP

The Kaleidoscope APP gives you options about how to create the pattern then takes a photo of it.  YIKES!  Love the new technology - when I can make it work . . .   This is of a pillow I wove which is sitting on the sofa.  Are those sad teddy bears???

Monday, January 20, 2014

Back from India

We made it back from a long, exhausting and complex trip.  Lots of interesting things to see and lots of "developing nation" issues to be confronted:  women's rights, population control, education, and the environment - filthy unpaved roads (think ubiquitous mud mixed with animal dung), unbreathable air (dust and industrial pollution), and untenable water (black, fetid rivers).     But lots of color, lots of folks working hard and creatively.    Here's just a taste:

     Lotus Temple

     Street Sweeper

            Hand Prints on Wall

           Step Well, maybe 100' deep

     Weaving Tools

    Privately Owned Truck