Sunday, May 5, 2024


It’s dawned on me lately that I have been making books, lots and lots of books.   They come in a wide range of materials, sizes and shapes.  Fiber: cloth and paper, lots of stitching, of course.  While I have been making the occasional one here and there over the years, this dive into such frequent and varied book-making seems to have started about 3 years ago.    And I don’t see it letting up soon as it’s so much fun.   

You might notice that these books contain no words.  They seem to tell stories, each in its own way, without them.  Some of the techniques I use include: dyeing, stitching, cutting, gluing and burning.  And they are made from paper, metal, wood, canvas, rattan, mixed media elements, and much, much more.   

Represented here are both typically formed books and horizontal, vertical, memorial wall shapes, scrolls, multi-fold and caterpillar books.    There are also free-standing books and those attached to quilts.  I was honored to have Awl’s Well pictured on the catalog cover of the Art Cloth Network’s Unfolding exhibition catalog!   Maybe I’ll open a library…

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Portraits of Ghosts

I recently started a new series, Portraits of Ghosts, which deals with the fires which occur more and more frequently in the liminal space between human habitation and wilderness.  I've been taking photos from 2017 on in places like Santa Rosa, CA, where fire raged up to the property line of my family's home.  And in Lahaina, Maui, HI, destroying one of the oldest cities in the US. There are countless more examples of these in every region on the planet.  Here are the first 3 in the series - all the stitching is by hand and I painted Tyvek to add a bit of dimension to the areas that were still ablaze.   

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Some End of the Year Catch Up

I figured it would be best to just post these items that I have worked on in the latter part of this year and haven't gotten much "press" yet.   Some fun eye candy!  Contact me if you want more info (

Held Harmless #17



#11 (There isn't an actual title for this piece)

Between a Rock and...

Portraits of Ghosts

Royal Flush - My Nephew Alex Shirwo's artwork.  I will be adding stitching once it has returned from the printer.

Friday, October 27, 2023

Fiber Art Now Winter Edition 2023-2024


Excellence in Quilts III

From OzQuilt Network's Monthly Report:
Deborah Weir has a piece, 'Midden #1,  juried into Excellence in Quilts III.  The piece has a VERY 3D surface. Excellence In Quilts III appears in Fiber Art Now released in early October, 2023. Midden #1 was also selected for the onsite exhibition at the Texas Quilt Museum, May 2 -  August 31, 2024.

Saturday, August 5, 2023

HH #20 (working title)

 I sent a photo of this collage off to Spoonflower and ended up returning the print as the white wasn't really WHITE.   It was a light dove gray so the contrast was wishy washy.  I don't think my image was gray, but in any case I'm waiting for it to return to me with much cleaner contrast between lights and darks.  (On Blogger the whites look brownish, hmmmm.)

Receding Figures on view once again!!

 Luckily, Receding Figures, a collaboration I did with Steven Mandell, will be shown at the Last CA 101 at the Redondo Beach old library.  I'll be there from 6-7:30; hope you can come as well!!

Maw of Fire

 Maw of Fire was created in Photoshop. I had it commercially printed then stitched and beaded the piece all by hand (of course!).