Monday, November 30, 2015

Lamination: Gray/Mustard

Well, I swore I wasn't ever going to submit anything to the Palos Verdes Art Center's annual juried member show again.   It's a wild conglomeration of donors' artwork of varying quality.  But I had to run the work of a friend over so decided to add my own.   He got two realistic paintings in - lovely work.  The jurors definitely tip towards realism and a recognized medium like paint.  They must have had a few empty spaces on the wall (they hang stacked so there's room for a lot of work!) as they took my piece: neither realistic nor a conventional medium.  It is paper laminated onto hand dyed fabric then stitched and painted with water soluble media.  Maybe they liked the matting!  They've been good to me in the past when I curated a fiber show with over 100 pieces so maybe they are trending back that way.   Who knows . . .

Sirocco on View at Sebastopol Art Center

This piece is on view through early January in northern California in a wonderful large scale juried exhibition.  There are only 3 quilts in the show and I'm proud to have mine among them.   A wide range of fiber techniques including acrylic on paper, hmmmm . . .   Where do we draw the line?  Must we draw the line???

Sirocco is one from my Fierce Winds series.   It is dyed, printed, painted, fussy cut, appliqued, Angelina'd and felted.    Fun!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Image From Avalon

We were on Catalina Island last week and while I certainly could have taken scores of snapshots of the crystalline sky and the azure sea, I instead fell in love with this crazy old vine which has grown to embrace a phone pole.



This is a a piece of joomchi (Korean felted paper) I made several years ago.  Lately I've been reworking some older pieces and with that in mind I "unfelted" the original using only the top layer here.  I then painted, appliqued and embroidered it onto a piece of hand dyed black fabric.  You can see how the undulating surface of the joomchi adds real depth to the work.  I'm calling this one Ore for obvious reasons


Friday, November 6, 2015

Texturizers #5

I'm all about hand stitching lately.   I appliqued all kinds of fabulous bits and then did French knots and much else (even a little machine stitching - imagine!).   Again, I don't feel free to post the work I was responding to as it was done by other artists, but I'm loving feeding the threads through the fabric.  There's lots of 3D surface on this piece.