Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Closer Than You Think

This piece is in honor of one of my favorite artists: Chuck Close, who has AMAZING skills as an artist, works in modules just like traditional quilt makers do, and has overcome a disability which would have grounded almost anyone else! Called Closer Than You Think it is now featured in the Summer edition of the SAQA Journal, page 22.

Rusty Pillons in the San Francisco Bay

Last year when I was at the Surface Design Association/Studio Art Quilt Associates joint meeting in San Francisco I spotted this amazing retaining wall near the hotel. It is above the waterline in this shot but clearly has experienced the ebb and flow of tides over the years. The first image is my (somewhat tweaked) photo. The second and third are pix of a painting I did in my beginning acrylics class a the Palos Verdes Art Center this summer. It's kind of primitive but looks a bit brighter in "person." Was fun to work on.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Deep Spaces

Isn't this a pretty announcement for the show? The details are in the column to the right. I have a piece of art cloth in the exhibit - not much opportunity to show hand dyed cloth so this is much appreciated! Most of the rest of the exhibit seems to be art quilts. Let me know if you get to any of the venues.

Another in my series focusing on violent winds

This piece is called Viento Zonda and represents the winds out of the Andes in South American. The border is not finished; it will be larger, made of the art cloth on which it is sitting in these pix. All of these fabrics were dyed, shiboriied, soy wax resisted, laminated, printed and/or otherwise created by me.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Inspired by Rothko

We spent some time last weekend at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art which has rearranged almost everything as a result of its two new buildings and the extra space they provide.* Nonetheless, I managed to find my favs - the 20th century Americans, the Abstract Expressionists. So it's not surprising that the very first piece I make afterwards shows the influence of Mark Rothko. This is just a start, will develop it more over the next day or two then stitch.

*The BAD news - They have eliminated the costume and textile gallery!!