Sunday, October 26, 2014

Galactic Dance #3

I created this is a richly dyed, printed, painted surface that I finished with water soluble media.  I made the needle lace X's on water soluble material which I washed away after the stitching was done (I added a bit of paint to the X's to complement the ground fabric).  I finished it with some invisible quilting stitches.


Bruce Hoffman rejected Sparks last year when he juried the Art Cloth Network's annual challenge.  Boo on him.   I love the piece and just sold it!!  Silk, two layers dyed simultaneously with the same fold pattern.  They look very different as they are completely different kinds of silk.   I added embroidery and a light sprinkling of foil for sparkle.  Hope it's happy in its new home.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Roiling Waters

Roiling Waters displays the chaos in the oceans' gyres (garbage patches).  Upcycled plastics and a panel of bubble-wrap are some of the items found adrift in our seas.

Dissolution (Rhomboid)

Dissolution is a reconfiguration of seven of my former quilts - recycled!

Night Ride

I'm sitting in my hotel room in Honolulu looking out on Waikiki Beach.   It's 2 AM on a moon-lit night and there are scores of surfers enjoying the ride.


My quilt Juarez, which was banned at the United Nations, was on exhibit at Oasis in Palm Springs, October 2 - 4.  It is part of Solar Sister, a touring exhibition on the topic of energy's impact on women's lives.  The underlying image is a map of the border between Juarez and El Paso.  The piece honors the women who work in the well-lit American factories who walk home in the dark.  Many face rape and even murder in the unlit streets of the Sonoran Desert.   


Finding White

Finding White is a small quilt which is being donated to the silent auction for the international charity, Women Like Us; a very worthwhile cause.