Thursday, February 19, 2015

This Just In . . .

I just learned that three of my Fierce Winds quilts have been accepted into an exhibit called Climate Crisis: Solutions at the Water Street Studios in Batavia, Illinois.    I'm so pleased as this is not a textile show so it was a bit brave of them to take the work.   If you are anywhere near Chicago between March 20 and May 2, please stop on by!

Writing on the Wall

Here's a piece I recently finished for a Quilts on the Wall challenge.   The theme is graffiti and my piece us called Lascaux21.   Much of it is from photos I took at a skate park in London; other bits are pix I took of an array of scribbled writing on one of the shrimp trucks on North Shore Oahu.  Then I cut some screens with my OWN tags.  Can you find them???  After all the printing I both embroidered on it and appliqued "peeling paint" made from fabrics I painted heavily with oil paints and which took AGES to dry.