Sunday, October 31, 2021

Ai's Stools

 I dragged some friends to all 3 of the Ai Wei Wei exhibits that were in LA several years ago.   This photo was from the gallery full of LOTS of well used stools that Ai had collected from all over China.  I tweaked my photo to give it the rich color and then, once printed, added my stitching to rebalance the image, and I left some thread ends visible to emphasize the tattered nature of the stools themselves.


Railing Venice Beach

 This piece is from a photo I took at the skate board park on the sand in Venice.    Wonderfully rusted bit of fencing.  I tweaked the photo, had it printed then stitched to emphasize elements in the image, especially the bubbling rust.

Border Wall Down

This is the installation of the piece I made last year.  It is rope bound with  mostly hand-dyed cotton and studio detritus.