Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spent the WHOLE day, yes, the entire day, sending out pix and docs about my work for potential exhibitions. This is the less fun part as MAKING is, of course, what it's mostly about. But it's important to me to get it seen, and days like this always pay off. Here's a piece that hasn't been seen yet; I call it DeconRecon as it is comprised of several pieces of fabric I deconstructed screen printed and then pieced together.

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  1. I hear ya'. I am a member of the art quilter choir and find myself spending more time on the computer than I would like to promoting my quilts than I do making them these days. I think I need a long retreat to savor sound of my needle going up and down, Joni Mitchell on the IPOD and surrounded by loads of colorful fabric. Just returned from the Visions Quilt museum in San Diego. I lot of very dedicated art quilters there. But quilting artists gotta do what they gotta do so maybe check out my site.