Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hangar Gallery Santa Monica Airport Artists Studios

Yesterday I dropped nine pieces of my work at this Santa Monica gallery for a month-long show which has its grand opening event on September 11 from 6-9. I will be there from 7-8 for sure! My work is hanging on 16' of well lit gallery hallway. My only concern is that there is not much else on display nearby; the enclosed galleries are at the other end of the building. Let us hope that more work is up by the BIG day. Gallery is open Wed.-Sat. from noon to 6. Five of the works are 4" squares (see above) called "DK, or what the cat dragged in" after all the rusty metal that kitties Sammy and Daisy brought as studio offerings on their magnetic collars. There's also one of the threadless quilts, Coalescence IV; the very textured Seawall, Darwin, Australia; a small study with needle lace; and the framed under glass Copper Embroidery which has a lot of modern materials: Tyvek, Angelina and other interesting stitched bits creating a nebula. Please come by to see the exhibit and then go for lunch at the cool cafe next door from which you can watch the private planes come and go.

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