Thursday, October 20, 2011

Collage in Progress

I was out of town last week in Florida for the Art Cloth Network's annual meeting and am now happily back in the studio. This piece, as yet unnamed, is developing well: paper and fabric and MANY interesting oddments. I have bent, yes, bent, about a dozen needles working on it as some of the paper is VERY metallic and thick. I'm now using a three inch needle and a giant thimble! Oh the challenges of art!!! It is a foggy day so my pix required a flash even though they were taken outdoors so the metallic appears a bit more reflective than is ideal. Looking for sunshine tomorrow.


  1. Hi Deborah-I really like this artwork. What is the size of it?

  2. Fantastic textures, Deborah! Beautiful.

  3. Title suggestions: Aerial View and Wastelands. It will frame out at 11" x 14" I am trying to make work that fits into standard frames as custom sizes make sales of the work VERY expensive. Thanks for the positive comments!