Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In with the new

So we tootled on over to the new annex which I have dubbed Kiss My Annex as Kiss is the name of the landlords, really. More schlepping down loads of stairs we got the loom into the lower level and the painting supplies upstairs. Then came the ritual torture of reassembling the monster Glimakra. I'm starting to feel like a penitent dragging this wooden beast all over the map. Wondering if I really will be weaving on it again soon. With Eddie in command we got the thing up and running in a couple of hours. Check out these views and the neighborhood peacock who welcomed me. We saw a HUGE hawk outside in a tree and heard the plaintive honking of a goose in one of the lower corrals. There are horses and goats and pigs, even miniature horses, all nearby. I may not get any work done there but it is a fine place to cool my heels! It may just be the ideal place to create the new series I'm starting which will be somewhat larger than I normally work.

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