Sunday, April 7, 2013


This is the piece I made to honor the women who work in the US factories in Juarez, Mexico, who are sometimes raped and even murdered on their way home from work in the darkness. The quilt was selected to be shown at the UN European Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, in a show which features quilts on the topic of alternative energy.  My thinking is that if these women's paths home across the desert was well lit they would be a lot safer.  The desert surrounding Juarez has plentiful wind and sunshine which could be harnessed.  The background graphic is an abstracted map of the city of Juarez where it meets the US border.   

 I am THRILLED to have my piece included in this show which will be open for several months during the summer.  I'll provide specific dates as they become available.  An attempt is being made to bring the exhibit to Houston in the fall.