Sunday, December 8, 2013

Stolen Artwork

 I have had four pieces of my artwork stolen BY the Art Factory in Paterson, NJ.  I, and the other members of Confluence, participated in that gallery's Sept. - Nov. 2013, International Textile Exhibition.  There was a lot of strange behavior going on like no proper opening, almost no Facebook or website postings of the show, and then we were told that the whole thing had come down several weeks early.  But they did not return the work until my co-curator (Inga Buell) and I called and emailed numerous times.  At that point they sloppily wrapped the work NOT in our original packing materials and sent back most of it.  Several pieces came with damaged frames, etc.   But three of my mixed media embroideries and one textile lamination have never been returned to me.  We have called and emailed countless times since Nov. 16, the purported closing date.   They do not respond at all and I have filed a police report, not an easy task in another state from the one in which I live, and am also filing a complaint with the NJ Attorney General's Office.   This has been excruciatingly painful and I therefore want to warn any and all artists NOT to show their work at the Art Factory.  The owners are David J. Garsia and Donata Anna Garsia.

The missing pieces:
Fresh Water Salmon:

 SeaTangle #1

SeaTangle #4

Trash Overboard 


  1. Deb - I'm heartbroken to hear about your stolen artwork. I know people on facebook are spending the word about these awful people. I know you'll keep us posted on this terrible incident.

  2. Thank you Mia and thank you to everyone who helps get the word out!

  3. Did you have insurance through your household insurance? You can also list these on the "Lost quilts"site. Get the pictures out around the world. They probably sold them and kept the money. Yes, I have had some go missing!