Friday, February 7, 2014


I have been moving in a new artistic direction with my interest in water.   I am planning a series about the nine (there is debate about the actual number) gyres - tidal swirls in the world's oceans which collect vast quantities of trash, largely plastics, which take forever to break down.  Some of these are miles across but very tough to measure  precisely because the garbage which comprises them is not photographable from space and they are too huge and move about too much to get a true fix on them from the sea itself.    They are destroying wildlife which comes in contact with them and cause much other damage.  They are quite colorful as the detritus we toss into the seas is often bright packaging.  The gyres above the Equator swirl clockwise and those south of the Equator move in the opposite direction - just like the water going down our drains.   I am experimenting with various techniques to see which best suits the results I'm aiming for.

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