Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Those who have been following this blog might remember that I started a tapestry on the big Shannock loom about three years ago.  My assistant Jessica, who has been working on it since day one (when she was 11), is still weaving away.   She and I have really been putting in the hours this summer because we want to finish before she graduates from high school in four years!  Have I mentioned that tapestry weaving is a slow and deliberate process?  And we don't have more than a few hours each week to work on it as we both have plenty of other things we need to do with our time!  Here are a few shots of our progress to date.

btw- We are weaving at 90 degrees to the finished piece so we are working from what will be the right side of the piece to the left.


  1. What a great project! How large will the final tapesrtry be?

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