Friday, December 5, 2014


Tektites are tiny colored glass particles which naturally occur in the universe and are tossed en masse during extraterrestrial collisions.  Debris fields of tektites have been found on most of the earth’s continents.  This piece is made up of hand-dyed silks and then beaded with scores of tiny glass beads which mimic a debris field.  It is framed in wood just as the glass bits would find their way into a natural resting place on earth.


Coalescence III is a fine art textile made by blending the edges of various cotton fabrics using a dry felting machine called an embellisher which tears up the edges of each piece thus intermingling threads to merge the colors.  There is almost no stitching used for the technique.  A large object, comprised of many elements, whirling through space, might appear from a distance to have its surface details melded together in just such a way.

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