Sunday, April 12, 2015

Texturizers - A New Round Robin Series

A group of eight textile artists from all over the US have committed to a 16 month art exchange.   Each of us has just finished our first piece in the series we are each developing and have sent these works off to the next artist.  She, in turn, will make a piece in response to the one she receives.   Then round and round they go until each artist has contributed to each series.  All the works are then returned to the original maker - eight pieces which visually, and in this case, texturally, cohere.  All are 12" square plus a border for future finishing.   Here are a couple of detail shots of my first piece.  I do NOT post work of other artists so will only show my own contribution.  Once the series is complete in 2016 we are hoping to have an exhibition and/or catalog so we can share all eight completed series ... 64 glorious pieces!

The theme of this adventure is TEXTURES which are, of course, both visual and tactile.  This piece is mostly metal and colored (painted, etc.), burnt non-woven substrate with LOTS of hand-couched embroidery.  No name yet.  Can't wait to see how it all evolves.   

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