Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I made this art quilt, RENT, from a photo I took last year in Berlin of  rusted metal which had once been part of the Berlin Wall.    There is poignancy in the detritus of human suffering; it continues to resonate with the inner voices of the people who passed by.  In addition to tweaking the photo and having it printed by Spoonflower, I went in with both embroidery and traditional hooking.  I ripped through the fabric to expose its underlying history (represented by the linen and wool).  Of course it refuses to lie perfectly square - too many stories bursting out!


  1. I love this piece! Is it going to be shown in a local exhibit? I'll like to see the whole piece close up.

  2. I'm submitting this to the next juried Quilts on the Wall challenge. So probably not in Long Beach, but I may change my mind.