Thursday, May 5, 2022

Good time to share some good news from FiberFly Studios!

The following 3 pieces are on view:

Held Harmless #6 is at the Blue Line Gallery in Sacramento
in the SAQA Northern California regional exhibit called Forever Changed.  
I made a paper collage, had it printed then hand stitched to connect and emphasize elements of the design.

Shibori Dye Day is a trompe l'oeil piece I made from a photo I took, then I made it pop in Photoshop.  It does fool the eye as it has a REAL shibori piece on the surface and no one knows if the blue is the indigo dye bath or a reflection of the sky.  It's on its way to Visions in San Diego.

AbEx Next Gen was just accepted into the Oz Quilt Network's biannual traveling exhibition.  It will tour around Australia into 2024.  This is the "next generation" of a large mixed media piece I made several years ago.  I photographed a small section of it, tweaked it till it came back to life, and then printed and hand stitched it.

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