Thursday, February 9, 2012

Okay, how the . . . am I going to stitch that???

So I had the underlying quilt done and then I decided to add the painted tulle ghost circles. And there they are just waiting to be stitched but on top of all that laminated paper??? Am I really going to have to resort to the sewing machine? Me, the hand-stitcher? What to do. Maybe I'll have an inspiration while I'm sleeping tonight. Let's hope so, I'd hate to submit this baby with the pins still in!! (Or with any machine stitches either.) Got any suggestions?


  1. I loved seeing this piece in person. I'm a fan of not overquilting a piece. Maybe just add a few quilt lines.

    Thank you for the lamination demo on Saturday. Very inspiring!

  2. Hi Mia - Great having you here! Now I expect to see you every Saturday!!