Thursday, February 25, 2016

Opening at the UN Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland

My quilt Gyre #8 is one of about 40 pieces by international artists which were juried into Water is Life.  The show goes to the New England Quilt Museum once in closes in Switzerland and then tours through 2017 all over the US at the Mancuso Quilt shows.  Pleased and proud to be included in such a socially important exhibit.

btw - Gyres are the many mile wide garbage patches which pollute the oceans of the world with plastic debris;  they will not ever break down completely.      Apparently there is not an animal or plant in the seas which does not contain micro beads from these insidious objects we discard!

I ice dyed the ground fabric then melted household plastics and appliqued them in place.

See the whole exhibit at (copy and paste this address):

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