Friday, February 26, 2016

Texturizers Round 7

We have reached the penultimate round - one more to go.  Again, this is my response to the six pieces I received from the other artists.  And, as usual, I don't feel comfortable posting their work so you can't see how the series are evolving (you could look at their sites to see if they have put up their work -  Cindy McConnell, Carol Nilsen, Barbara James, Jeanne Sission, Priscilla Smith, Connie Tiegel and Lisa Kerpoe).     I over-dyed a piece of cotton on which I'd printed awhile ago.  Then I printed with the gold paints using a couple of different screens.  Next, I appliqued on the vertical strips and the curved ones which I tacked invisibly in place.  No backing on this piece as I'm thinking more about what the final recipient (Carol) might want to do with it and to leave her a lot of options.

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